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Welcome to Camp with a Ramp!

Save the date!! Next Camp is scheduled for August 1st-4th, 2019

Seven years have passed since the last spinal cord injury retreat. With a new name inspired by a past camper, volunteer, and friend, the Neuro and Brain Community Foundation hosted the 1st annual Camp with a Ramp located at Whispering Hope Ranch, near Christopher Creek, AZ, July 27-30, 2017. Approximately 80 campers (with various spinal cord injuries or diseases), caregivers, family members and volunteers gathered for 3-day cabin camping experience. Throughout the stay, participants got to choose from a wide variety of activities including: horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, archery, crafts, animal interaction, basketball, lacrosse, handcycling and educational discussion groups. In this way, each camper tailored their retreat experience to their own personal interests and abilities. Additionally, each night featured an all-camp activity including a campfire with s’mores, live music and dancing, and a casino night.

The hard work that went into putting on this event was well worth the reaction from our campers.

“Camp inspired me to trust myself and my abilities.”

“I tried things I would never thought possible…opened my eyes to new possibilities.”

“3 nights with others of similar disabilities taught me what is really possible in life!”

“Although I am still disabled, I am ABLE.”

“I met and connected with new people and the networking was priceless.”

“Empowering people to push themselves.”

“Great sense of camaraderie and belonging.”

“New outlook in life”

“1st time in 18 years I felt comfortable dancing with others.”

“Challenged me to try new things.”

“It was amazing to see my husband do so many activities he thought he could no longer enjoy. You have made him smile and refueled his hope!”

With the continued support of generous organizations, businesses, and individuals, we hope to continue to be able to come back each year to bring together this amazing group of people. We are further inspired to reach out to those adults in our community that haven’t had the opportunity to explore their capabilities and join our supportive spinal cord injury/disease community.